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Technical Solutions

Technical Tool-Kit offerings and explanation

Wyott Russell

  1. DOMESTIC SLTD DATABASE (DSD) application enables partner nations which do not have an existing national SLTD database to quickly establish one.

  • An easy-to-use web graphical user interface.

  • Enables countries to create, edit, delete, undelete, search for, and browse SLTD records in the database.

  • Enables countries to import CSV files containing any number of SLTD records, including the ability to map fields as necessary.

  • Has a user administration function allowing the DSD system owner to distribute role-based access to responsible entities within their country. 

2.  SLTD UPLOADER is a tool used for deployment between a domestic SLTD database and the INTERPOL" WIDSDM web service and automatically uploads domestic SLTD records from the domestic database to INTERPOL's database. 

  • Simplifies the INTERPOL WIDSDM web service to upload SLTD records.

  • Reliably maintains data flow during system and network interruptions.

  • Automatically extends expiring SLTD records.

  • Records INTERPOL SLTD statistics for NCBs.

  • By enabling automation, increases acceptance of travel documents abroad.

3.  FIND PROXY reduces the effort to integrate INTERPOL screening into Immigration systems, while providing added security.

  • Simplifies the use of INTERPOL's FIND web services.

  • Provides additional security, to include support for SSL and WS Security standards and it provides an indirect method for Immigration systems to access INTERPOL's FIND web services.

  • Provides offline prototyping, allowing your developers to prototype INTERPOL screening before having a connection to INTERPOL.

  • Provides for MIND failover, meaning it can route SLTD and TDAWN queries to a MIND device in the event there is a loss of connectivity to INTERPOL.

  • Can filter out domestic documents.

  • Combined with NomSearch, another toolkit solution, FIND Proxy can route TDAWN queries to the Nominal Travel Document Search instance on a fast, local NomSearch server, which greatly speeds query resolution and expands the data set in use to include travel documents associated with Diffusions.  Note: TDAWN only includes travel documents associated with Notices.

4.  NOMINAL DOWNLOADER (NNS): Downloads INTERPOL Notices and ingests Diffusion, that includes the biographic information, photos, fingerprints, and PDFs, and creates an off-line searchable repository.

  • Checks IPSG hourly for new and updated notices.

  • Download IPSG notices in fault tolerant manner.

  • Ingests INTERPOL diffusions emails.

  • Automatically downloads and disseminates metadata from INTERPOL notices and diffusions (i.e., biometrics, facial and criminal histories) to national agency subscribers.

  • Transforms to national data formats.

  • Creates reliable off-line searchable repository of INTERPOL notices and diffusions.

5.  NOMINAL SERACH (NOMSERCH) is an offline Nominal Search solution, which includes Nominal details, biographic information, photos, fingerprints and PDFs.

  • Eliminates data privacy obstacles that prevent screening against the INTERPOL Nominal database.

  • Is a high-performance solution that can scale to serve thousands of queries per second.

  • Has a tunable and phonetic search algorithm.

  • Allows for context optimization, meaning it can be optimized for the use case, such as Border Control or Investigations.

  • Provides Nominal alarm control.

  • It is able to ingest, normalize, and screen against additional datasets.

  • Combined with FIND Proxy, NomSearch can enable offline NOMTD screening while expanding the dataset in use to include travel documents associated with Diffusions.

  • A mock version is available for evaluation use.

6.  NOMINAL UPLOADER greatly simplifies the Nominal submission effort and has been used by USNCB to upload thousands of notices and diffusions to INTERPOL, complete with photos and fingerprints.

  • Nominal Uploader simplifies the use of INTERPOL's ILINK web service and automatically uploads domestic watchlist subjects to the INTERPOL Nominal database.

  • It will upload Notices and Diffusions of any color, such as Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Black.

  • It will upload Notice attachments, such as fingerprints and photos.

  • The Nominal Uploader supports updates and cancellations of Notices and Diffusions.

  • And it supports multiple domestic data sources, such as batch files, databases, and web services.

7.  INTERPOL CONNECTIVITY is the USNCB ability to establish new secure connectivity to INTERPOL in partner nations within NCBs and Immigration  Departments.  

  • Eliminate the single point of failure and allow for load balancing and distribution of INTERPOL traffic.

  • Enable efficient placement of INTERPOL connectivity to support your nation's border control and law enforcement requirements.

  • Eliminate complex, multi-hop, hard to troubleshoot network paths to INTERPOL.

  • Ease of deployment.

8.  SOLUTION ENABLEMENT is the ability (after approval) to assist partner countries by providing servers and network equipment necessary to enable new INTERPOL screening and/or submission solutions.

     In addition, Project Terminus may provide additional software development, network and computer design and support, as well as integration and deployment assistance.

  • Eliminates concerns of budget availability and expanses justification for network and server equipment.

  • Reduces concerns of implementation cost.

  • Enables reliable and robust screening and submission solutions.

  • Easy to deploy.

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