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Project TERMINUS Milestones 

Established in 2016, Project TERMINUS is a partnership between INTERPOL Washington, the United States National Central Bureau (USNCB), and the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Counterterrorism. Its mission is to extend i-24/7, INTERPOL's secure, police-to-police communications system, in high-risk areas and select member countries, thereby increasing their ability to access and utilize INTERPOL's global criminal investigative data and information sharing services.  

* 89 million (+) – Foreign international passengers have been screened against INTERPOL databases since inception of TERMINUS.

* 930,000 (+) – Partner Country Documents have been uploaded to INTERPOL’s SLTD database by USNCB-implemented Uploader applications.

* 178 (+) – Air/land, and seaport facilities are now actively screening all inbound and outbound international passengers against INTERPOL databases.

* 49 INTERPOL solution servers have been preconfigured and provided to partner countries.

* 6 MIND drives provided and installed.

* 5 Preconfigured Cisco Integrated Server Routers providing connectivity INTERPOL have been provided.

* 4 Secure solution enclaves have been configured and provided.

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