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Project TERMINUS Milestones 


* The US Department of State awards INTERPOL Washington funding to expand i24/7 connectivity at various Points of Entry               throughout Indonesia.  

* INTERPOL Washington expands its support to Malaysia by Implementing the USNCB’s automated SLTD/LASP submission solution,     establishing secure connectivity from Malaysia Immigration to INTERPOL. 

  • With the direct connection to INTERPOL, Malaysia Immigration began SLTD screening at thirty-four international ports of entry in Malaysia.


* The US Department of State expands its efforts with INTERPOL Washington by funding POE expansion throughout       the ASEAN region.  

* The US Department of State awards INTERPOL Washington funding to expand its 24/7 Connectivity projects globally.


* INTERPOL Washington formally names its border expansion project “TERMINUS” and assigns a full-time Senior Portfolio Manager     to lead the efforts.


* Protect TERMINUS provides critical system support to INTERPOL-led law enforcement operations throughout Southeast Asia.           These database upgrades—made under the auspices of Project TERMINUS—demonstrated their ongoing value during an                 INTERPOL operation codenamed Maharlika III. 

* In cooperation with the U.S. Department of State, USNCB implements a web-based platform designed to promote awareness of       and participation in, Project TERMINUS among law enforcement and border security authorities in the Southeast Asian Region. ​

* The US Department of State PISCES designated Project TERMINUS as the USNCB “preferred provider” for their worldwide efforts.

* The US Department of State Awards INTERPOL Washington funding to continue expanding border security checkpoints in the           ASEAN region.

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