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US National Central Bureau-INTERPOL Washington

Solid, actionable criminal intelligence. Timely, accurate information. Direct, secure communication. These are the goals of Project TERMINUS, and how INTERPOL Washington - the United States National Central Bureau - is playing an active role in the ongoing battle to identify and prevent the illicit movement of Foreign Terrorist Fighters and serious transnational criminals.


Some of the most important tools in this battle are INTERPOL’s databases of wanted persons and stolen and lost travel documents. However, challenges with technology mean that law enforcement and border control authorities in some INTERPOL member countries are not always able to access and leverage this vital resource. 


This is where Project TERMINUS comes into play. We can provide expert technical assistance at no cost to the host government – assistance that will help you access INTERPOL’s global investigative information and integrate it directly into your national law enforcement and border security screening systems. 


From accessing and leveraging INTERPOL data – including the more than 95 million records contained in the Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database – to contributing investigative information to INTERPOL’s global indices, Project TERMINUS and its I-24/7 toolkit can help you: 

  • Systematically screen all passengers and travelers against INTERPOL data; 

  • Automate the uploading of records of stolen and lost passports and identity documents into INTERPOL’s Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database, and 

  • Establish a permanent immigration and border security safeguard against the flow of Foreign Terrorist Fighters and other transnational criminals.


Actionable, Timely and Secure information to assist in your efforts to make the world a safer place.


This is Project TERMINUS

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